Forex Portfolio Update: Up 37%

Forex Portfolio Up 37%

The market continues to be good to the ForexDisco currency portfolio. The major gains have been experienced in the Asian currency trades. The largest contributor to the bottom line is USDJPY followed by AUDUSD and finally EURJPY. The table seems to be set for the yen to weaken during the next few months which is why we continue to stay short JPY through our long EURJPY USDJPY positions.

The Aussie dollar has been profitable for the portfolio. The position was initiated prior to the RBA cutting its cash rate so the fund was able profit in the initial drop in AUDUSD.

We expect to give some of the earnings back temporarily because the market has moved a decent amount in a short period of time. In the long run, we expect JPY and AUD to weaken further versus the US dollar and Euro.

Our current EURGBP position remains attractive and we are considering adding to it because we feel GBP will strengthen versus the Euro as the Brexit fears subside and more negative economic data is released by the EU.


Initial Capital   5,100        
YTD Return   37.04%        
Open P / (L)          
    Size Average Current   Current
  Side (USD) Cost Price Difference P / (L)
EURGBP Sell 20,000 0.784015 0.78843 -0.00442 (129)
GBPUSD Buy 0 1.463405 1.44338 -0.020025 0
EURUSD 0 1.14768 1.138355 -0.009325 0
EURJPY Buy 40,000 122.66 124.1176915 1.457691538 470
USDJPY Buy 50,000 106.526 109.0325 2.5065 1,149
AUDUSD Sell 30,000 0.7655 0.73481 0.03069 921
Open P / (L) 2,411
          Closed P / (L) (522)
          Financing (15)
          P / (L) 1,889
Closed P / (L)          
Date Currency   Size Average Closed Closed
Closed Pair Side (USD) Cost Price P / (L)
5/3/2016 EURUSD Buy 10,000 1.1476 1.15065 31
5/3/2016 NZDUSD Sell 10,000 0.7009 0.7051 -42
5/9/2016 GBPUSD Buy 20,000 1.463405 1.4379 -510

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